Men these days are big babies. They are precious little man-child divas who expect women to cater to their every whim. They are like these overgrown little adolescent boys who are used to stomping their feet or holding their breath til they turn blue to get what they want and they usually don’t even have to go to such lengths because women have become so desperate thinking if they don’t COMPLETELY brown-nose a man he will go off with one of the other six hundred and ninety nine other chicks on his facebook page. Girls fear if they deny even one request, he will click on one of the hundreds of emails in his inbox and be with another inside an hour. Men are spoiled these days. SPOILED. They are like welfare recipients: why work for it when a check comes free in the mail each month? Why bother?

As women become stronger, you would have thought it would have made things better for them. Theoretically women were supposed to be in a better position now than they were in the 50’s or 60’s, but no – it is actually the opposite. Now suddenly men have no accountability for their actions, no accountability for our feelings or for being faithful, or even for how they treat us. Nothing. They get a FREE PASS and they expect a free pass. Do you know why? Because women spoil them. Women give them sex without even the decency of a proper date or even a phone call in most cases. Have you ever had a friend who has a complete nightmare of a kid? One that is an absolute holy terror, destructive little monster? Ever had the misfortune of having to be around one of those brats? Well, the men I speak of are those brats in adult bodies only now instead of tormenting their mommies they are tormenting all the women around them. All these spoiled-ass men have to do these days is send the chick a text and show up, get it on, throw their dirty rubber on the floor, rinse off for the next chick – and they are gone. They don’t even have to buy her a sandwich or a diet coke. They don’t even need to have a job! They don’t even have to have a car. More women than you would imagine will go pick up the losers, screw them and then take them home with nothing to show for it but sheet burns on their ass. Men don’t have to work to get women, they don’t have to work for sex, they don’t have to work for sh*t. They can even live at their mommy’s house or move in with some silly chick who not only gives them regular sex, but let’s them drive her car, but also pays all the bills and gives him money to spend on booze and other women. It is a sad state of affairs and until women wise up, the men are going to become more and more like male bitches who use and abuse women, get everything they want from us and walk away scot-free.

So why are these guys such giant wusses these days? Because they have nothing to worry about except keeping up their tan and how many girls they are juggling. Women hold men to such a LOW standard the men have essentially turned into full on drama queen, girly-boy, bitches. This situation is women’s own fault and not just the women who are dating them but their mothers too, and you know why? Because the FATHERS are ABSENT. So you have the situation of boys growing up with no men to set them straight in life, mom’s who although well meaning are turning their son’s into sissiy bitches, and girls who are so desperate for male attention, mainly because their father’s were not present either, will use sex to get a guy to give them attention even if it means taking physical, mental and emotional abuse from the jerk. It’s a mess. The only solution is to toughen up on these guys. Make them work for it. Don’t date a guy who doesn’t pay. Don’t see a guy who doesn’t take you out to a nice place and on a proper date. Don’t pay for ANYTHING. Don’t tolerate a single solitary harsh word from a man ever. Do not stand for unfaithfulness, rudeness or self centeredness. If he acts out of line, cut him off. Let him go hang out with the chicks who let him walk all over them, but don’t let him waste your time if he acts like a bitch.

These new wussified males are like women, they are preoccupied with their haircut, their shoes, their clothes. Most metropolitan guys are just straight gay men. The only difference between the average American dude and a gay male, is they sleep with women instead of men. That’s it. They are just as big of bitches, total drama queens and vain selfish girly-men. The level of disrespect to women is at an all time high and it is sickening. The most sickening part of all is that the girls are allowing it. You may not be able to change the men and you may not be able to stop women from letting men walk on them, but you sure can stop them from walking on you. Start there. If you encounter a bitch with a penis, knock it in the dirt and – MOVE ON.

By Tinka Milinovic

©2011 Tinka Milinovic. All Rights Reserved

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