Have you noticed American guys being passive and/or too timid to make a move or take the lead? And, mind you, when I say American Males, I am generally speaking of East and West coast men. Los Angeles and Manhattan. This won’t apply to Texas Cowboys or middle America men’s men as a general rule.

But back to the metrosexual American city guy who has the backbone of a paramecium. Why are straight men so passive these days? Is it because women became aggressive in business and got used to going after what we want, so suddenly the lazy, no-account men out there realized how much easier it was to lay back and let the woman do all the work? Why should a guy put out the effort and take the risk of expressing interest in a woman, asking her out, taking her out and basically courting her, when all they have to do is dress up in an attention getting way, like women normally do, get a woman’s attention, throw out the bait, lay back, and let her hunt?

While men became passive, women have become masculine and aggressive. Have you seen Jersey Shore? The guys on that show are like women and the women are like men. The guys spend hours on their tan, their hair, their body. They dress up in flashy colors like a girl, shave themselves from head to toe, wear hairspray. So many girls fall all over them. This is not particular to Jersey, this kind of guy is EVERYWHERE now, if not that Affliction-wearing ass clown ilk, then it’s him in a suit, but with the same basic mentality.

Men have come to enjoy being courted rather than doing the courting. They have grown lazy, their character and integrity weakening with each passing year. Men now sit back on their laurels and let women do all the work. Women are taking all the risk, essentially acting as the yin to their yang instead of the other way around. Amazingly, this doesn’t seem to bother men in the least. In fact they love it. Women are calling guys, asking them out, growing a penis, taking charge, all to their own detriment.

Ok ladies, so you inflated your ego playing the big tough, powerful, take charge kind of gal. Good for you. Now we are stuck with legions of these girly-men who don’t have to leave their own house or spend a dime to get sex. It is all because women make the first move, call men, pick them up, pay for dinner and pleasure them sexually without the guy ever having to lift a finger. It’s no wonder the men these days are such wussies. The only way to combat it is to act like a lady and passive men will never make it to square one. Leave them for the women who enjoy taking the male role. There is room for only one penis in a heterosexual relationship. Let it be his, not yours.

By Tinka Milinovic

©2011 Tinka Milinovic. All Rights Reserved.

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