If you find out your boyfriend or husband is cheating while you LOVE HIM, dump him. Just dump him. This “stand by your man” stuff is BS. So what if you’re pregnant? Women make it on their own with kids all that time. Hillary stuck by Bill, but then again she is more into her political career than her marriage, so that makes sense. Kobe Bryant’s wife stuck by him, with the help of a 6 million dollar pink diamond ring. Victoria Beckham stuck by David when he cheated; she’d lose the main half of her brand if she was to divorce him. Maria Shriver stuck by Arnold long enough for him to complete his term, and bailed him immediately afterward. Those months between when she knew and when she filed must have been MURDER. If you actually love him and believe him to love you, and have a “real” relationship with him or are married, and then find out he is cheating, ditch him. You can find another guy who will at least pretend to be loyal. As a general rule, most of them are not loyal, but finding out is like the poison that stopped your heart. You just can’t love  and admire him after that. You can’t trust him after that. And God forbid if EVERYONE knows about it way before you do. How embarrassing. How humiliating. That alone is enough to cut him off. I say ZERO TOLERANCE. There is no excuse for it whatsoever. NONE. You cheat? BYE. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

There are extenuating circumstances, however. Let’s say the guy is married to someone else already. Not a lot you can do, and you obviously know he is never going to leave her, and you obviously know he is a serial cheater or he wouldn’t be with you. In that case, what can you do? Chances are you are just enjoying what he does for you and have no fantasies about ever REALLY being with him. Then there is the case of a benefactor, someone who takes you places and does things for you. Does it really matter if he cheats? If it’s just sex – no, not really. If someone else swoops in and is trying to displace you or move in on your turf – that’s not cool, but if he just has a quickie with some chick he doesn’t care about, what difference does it make? In this case, most likely you have another sexier dude on the side anyway. I don’t really consider it cheating because the “relationship” in this case isn’t really a relationship. It’s an ARRANGEMENT. Arrangements don’t go by the same set of rules. Chances are you are not into him that way so really, who cares what he does when not with you? In fact, it decreases the chances he will be pressuring you for sex, and in this case – it’s for the best.

And then there are those who are married but pretend and lie to you that they’re not. Now, those are the BIGGEST dirt. Once you find out, scrape them off your shoe like a poo. Buh-bye! Gone.

By Tinka Milinovic.

©2011 The Tinka Show. All Rights Reserved.


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