Approach Life without Fear!  Take Chances, Take Risks, Follow your Dreams without Fear of Failure


What is fear? Why are people scared of things?

The more you put yourself out there, the easier it gets to get used to life and everything it has to offer. Train yourself so much that you become a friend with hurdles, curve balls and s**t life throws at you. The more you know, the easier it gets. Trust me. It’s just how it is. Taking chances gets you to the place where you’re always prepared to act and be proactive to get the desired result. In a weird self-inflicted sado-mazo way, it actually becomes fun to see that you become less neurotic and more proactive. Quitting is not an option. It’s not even necessary. Remember: failure does not exist! WTF is a failure, anyway?! Failure is to be an A-hole human being if you ask me, and if you’re not doing anything to change that. Everything else should be enjoyed and not feared, even its ups and downs. Your downs train you to become the best version of yourself when up.
By Tinka Milinovic
©2011 Tinka Milinovic. All Rights Reserved.

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