Ever heard of a book called THE GAME by Neil Strauss? If you are a man you have probably read it and most certainly heard of it. If you are a woman you may wonder what’s that? Or you may have heard of it and the mere mention of it makes your blood turn to bubbling lava and smoke come out of your ears. They call themselves PUA (Pick Up Artists) and their gang is called the “Seduction Community.” Pathetic. Let me explain:

THE GAME is a book that single men live by these days. It is the quintessential chauvinist manifesto. Neil Strauss and his mentor “Mystery” (the goggle wearing goofball, creep from the show The Pick-Up Artist who fancies himself the ultimate womanizer) pride themselves in teaching “not so cool” guys how to transcend their dorkyness and accomplish the noble achievement of tricking and swindling women into bed. The teaching recommends basically treating women like numbered, nameless cuts of meat going by on a conveyer belt, using calculated manipulation, pre-written cheesy routines, lies, and modified prisoner of war torture and interrogation techniques to get laid. And girls, if you fall for this or are putting yourself in a situation to be tricked and abused this way after learning this, you are half the problem.

The Game and seduction tactic teachings of it’s ilk, instruct men, mostly the ones who don’t have the looks, personality or financial wherewithal to pull it off naturally, how to efficiently, emotionally and psychologically butcher the women they so affectionately refer to as “losers.” Their motto is: Open ’em (Get their attention), Close ’em (Get them to a private place where sex is possible), F**k ’em (We know what that means), and Friend ’em (Relegate them to friend status so you still leave the door open for future booty calls, but have no obligation or accountability for their feelings whatsoever). Use women for sex by tricking them into it and treat them like dirt afterwards – is basically the idea. A quote from the pick-up artist manifesto that pretty much sums up the mind set of the authors and their idiot students, is the following: “Women are losers. The worse I treat them,the more they want me. I would say 60% would not put up with my behavior, but the 10’s do. (“10’s” is referring to the 1 – 10 rating system sexist pigs use to categorize women). It seems they like abuse or being treated sub-class. It must stem from them getting sick of treated like a queen.” One of the key elements of the pick up artist teachings are to, what they call, “Neg the target”, the “target” being the woman they are trying to trick into sex with them. Negging the target means to berate or insult the woman they want, within the context of a joke or witty comment thus getting everyone around her to laugh at her. This is supposed to belittle her publicly and embarrass her, essentially making her feel insecure….insecure enough to go home with a loser like him. The pick up jerk’s goal is to damage a woman’s self-esteem so, the theory goes, he can make her feel low enough that she will have sex with him out of desperation for approval from a guy, any guy, even a low life loser like him. Really? Why are you women out there so insecure? Seriously. Come on, ladies. Buck up. If a guy says or does ANYTHING to make you feel bad, turn and walk.

Any man, and I use the term loosely, who deep down feels so worthless that he has to resort to these sorts of tactics to manipulate a woman into blowing him, will never, ever have true love, nor does he deserve it….AND the women who are going for it are doing every other guy anyway. This may be all well and good from ages 21 to 31, but as a guy’s buddies begin to get married, get into long term relationships, have kids, create a life with someone, the bitter pain of his shallow life will burn him like the fires of hell. He will never have a woman that is loyal to him and he will never have a woman who truly cares about him. The shallow, probably inebriated club chicks whom this self described pick-up artist manages to get into bed, will be right out there the next night going home with another jerk, one with a better line or seduction tactic. Anyone can pick the low hanging fruit.

Girls, don’t be so easily picked! Unless you want to, and if you do, go for it. Get laid, have sex, enjoy it, but KNOW that you will not get a boyfriend, husband or monogamous relationship out of the deal. You will probably never see or hear from the guy again, and if you do, it will be for a booty call. Be aware of that up front. Go in with your eyes open. Just make sure you know The Game and other similar teachings most guys live by these days. Read it, know what you are dealing with so you go in willingly and can block the tactics when you spot them if being used as a sex toy isn’t what you want. Here is a good place to start. Read what is on this website and you will get the gist of it: http://www.seductionbase.com/ Here is another real gem. One of the “Seduction Gurus” who calls himself “Fingerman,” actually encourages his devotees not to be afraid to “physically force” drunk barely legal 18 year old girls to perform sexual acts: http://fingermanmethod.com/how-to-pull/. What?! Here is some more typical literature from the “Seduction Community”: http://www.seduction-chronicles.net/. Beware girls, these books and programs are selling literally millions of copies and men out there are using these tactics to manipulate YOU and you may not even know it! Awareness is like flipping the lights on. All the roaches scurry away back into the cracks they crept out of. Keep your eyes open so you don’t get suckered by the PUA Dorks.

For men, you are being swindled by these Pick-Up Artist Gurus who are nothing but charlatans. They are snake oil peddlers teaching you techniques of abuse but labeling them “Seduction Tactics.” These grade ‘A’ jerks are getting RICH off your stupidity. Some of the so-called seduction community “seminars” or “boot-camps” cost $7000, $10,000, or more – for a weekend. Are you kidding me? What a waste of money. You guys are DUMB to fork over that kind of dough to learn how to be an idiot. Shyster “Seduction Gurus” see you guys coming a mile away. Do you really want to pay some money grubbing goofball swindler who calls himself “Gambler” or “Hypnotica” or “LoveDrop” your hard earned cash so HE can life the high life while you are toiling away in some scummy nightclub trying to intimidate some drunk club slut to do you that night? Really? Is learning the “tricks” of being sexist, manipulative, psychologically and emotionally abusive pig what you want for yourself? Do you consider that a good thing? Aren’t you better than that?

Let me teach you something. Getting laid is not rocket science. Girls who hang out night after night in bars and clubs, scantily clad and usually buzzed, want to get laid just as much as you do. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Chances are you didn’t fool them at all. They felt like getting laid and there you were. Wow, what an accomplishment. So before you go feeling like “You The Man”, after you successfully pull off a one night stand or two, here’s a news-flash: the women who actually did sleep with you, probably only let you think you fooled them, AND as a general rule, you sucked so bad in the bedroom, they laughed about it with their girlfriends and gay guy friends the next day. Also, don’t forget that every woman out there has had her Mother Theresa moment(s) of mercy. Yes, you’d be surprised how many ‘mercy f**ks’ happened to you. But that’s a whole other topic. Did Neil Strauss or that loser Mystery tell you all this? No, they left that part out, didn’t they? Just as they teach techniques to prey on the insecurities of some girls, THEY are preying on your insecurities in exactly the same way, and you dummies are falling for it. No one told you what a great guffaw your “targets” had over your Affliction shirts and freeze & shined hair, or how they mocked you and reenacted your not-so-clever moves to the great amusement of their gay male friends and all the other girls. You didn’t “Game” them; they allowed you in, because THEY wanted to. Women are not as dumb as you would like to think. They did you because they felt like it in that moment even though your amazingly obvious tricks were lame.

Stay tuned guys for my blog on what you SHOULD be learning to get a quality girl to want you passionately in every way, not just to get their rocks off in a drunken stupor only to do it again with another pick up artist the next night. Women use men for sex too. Talk to a few pick-up artists in their 40’s and see what a pathetic bunch they are, more and more so with each passing year. And girls, go read about The Game, The Mystery Method, The Natural Game, The Seduction Community, Double Your Dating, Love Systems and myriad others (Here’s a list: http://www.pualingo.com/pua-schools/)…..Have a look at them all and if possible on line. I don’t recommend putting money in their pockets by purchasing their rubbish. Borrow it from a slick guy friend. Trust me: if he wears Affliction, has too much product in his hair, wears flashy clothes and hangs out at clubs, he has a copy. Once you read it, it will all make sense. DON’T BUY IT THOUGH!! 🙂

I will give you these tips for the time being. Guys, learn to be a gentleman, have integrity and stop paying con artists to teach you to be a douche-bag. Girls, take time. No sex without monogamy. Period. Unless you want just casual sex. There is no Game if the option of casual sex is off the table.

Good luck out there, my friends, and more on this later…..

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