I’m the Empress of Sensuality. Most people don’t have a clue about sensuality or any intimacy for that matter. The good news is that I understand that. I bring sensuality in my everyday life and it’s helped me get what I want out of life both in and out of relationships with both men and women. There’s way too much cluttered noise in dating life and relationships today. Put yourself into situations where you have to rely in your senses to make your way.

Here are my tips to awaken and TRAIN the sensuality in yourself, your partner, your  friends and your relationships:

1. Sensuality starts with self-awareness: do you know what you like? Do you like it hot or cold? Pay attention to your sensations and reactions because that is how you will be able to relate to someone else. Watch 9 1/2 weeks.

2. How about feeling the fabrics that your skin touches, your clothes or bed sheets.  It may be worth upgrading your experience by investing in the kind of materials that make you feel good, comfortable, confident.

3. Are you one of those busy people who eat at their desk while doing other things?  How about slowing down to really taste the food you are eating – this has the additional benefit of making you realize when you are full vs. eating of habit, or worse yet, out of emotional emptiness (no sensuality there for sure).

4. Turn off the light and find your way by touching through.

5. Pay attention to how something really smells. Sense it.

6. Take your shoes off and feel the grass. Pay attention to how it feels. Get connected to your sensuality.

7. Train your senses. Train each sense by shutting off the other things you usually rely on. You know how yoga and pilates teaches you to train your breath and how to work your body to make meaningful breath? You can train your body the same way to have more meaningful taste or touch.

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