If you ask Anthony Weiner he may tell you “sexting” isn’t such a great idea. Or is it actually getting caught when you are sexting with a woman who is NOT your wife that it’s not such a great idea?? Or maybe it’s the modern day version of leaving a dirty note in your husband or boyfriends briefcase so he can find it in the middle of the workday?! That’s all well and good, and keeps a relationship spiced up, but let’s address this issue when you are just starting to like or date someone. Let’s say you just met a guy in person or online, and his first messages out of the box are dirty pix and lewd comments. Now, isn’t that a bit rude? My reply to that kind of behavior is, “What, are you too cheap to hire a hooker so you’re looking for a humanitarian aid? No thanks.” The thought of sexting from someone you are not already intimate with is really pretty gross and in the cyber world of today akin to a stranger coming up behind you in public and rubbing his weiner on your backside. And unfortunately, we all had such experience regardless of what place geographically we hail from. In a word – gross. Unless you’re doing a research, why do we fall for this? Usually the guy is already otherwise involved, living with someone or married, and is just cheating to the degree he can get away with which is suckering some dumb chick into engaging in cyber sex, sexting, dirty twittering, whatever. I recommend women not engage in this filth unless they are already in a relationship with the guy. Sexting with a guy you barely know or have never met in person, is just disgusting and you ought to get paid for it because the guy is just too cheap to pay for a whore. Don’t be a free whore…..it doesn’t pay. And don’t forget he is definitely showing the pix to ALL his disgusting friends who are drooling over the pix and messages you meant for just him. Keep that in mind. Then when it’s all over, which it will be real quick if you start your relationship that way, you end up in the trash heap as soon as his real girlfriend or wife goes through his phone or his laptop and finds out what the dirty little pig her man is. In conclusion: Sexting? Great for guys. Bad for women. And it’s often a way for them to cheat without actually cheating. They can justify it, just like Weiner did, “I never ACTUALLY had sex with any of these women….” Yeah right. So that makes it ok? I don’t Tinka so. And what kind of women do these chicks end up looking like anyway? Pretty bad coz all you walk away with is a label and a reputation for being a cyber-you-know-what.

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