amalfi, amalfi coast, tinka, tinka milinovic, the tinka show, italy, positano
tinka, the tinka show, tinka milinovic, positano, amalfi, amalfi coast, italy

This is a fascinating story about Positano and alluring beauty of Amalfi Coast.

It was my honor and pleasure when Villa Capriana invited me as a luxury lifestyle ambassador and influencer for a 10-day stay. The envisioned invite meant capturing my impressions and adventures from the Amalfi Coast for my blog and youtube channel. I was extremely fortunate to be chosen and trusted to document this climate and gorgeous historic villa from my angle. 

From Villa Capriana, it was very easy to travel to nearby seaside towns. The 50-mile long curvaceous and narrow road of the Amalfi Coast is a special treat for driving enthusiasts due to nature’s magical cliffs and slopes. It was a particularly lucrative and interesting adventure. Femininely I cruised via the winding cascades of Amalfi Coast on a charming road with countless grazing limestone and vineyards. On daily basis I was accompanied by colorful homes that are defying steep cliffs and endless greenery. This epic road first winds up for a long time, and once you reach the summit, you literally are among the traveling clouds. Here I would take my time to catch a breath of height and beauty while looking down.

Positano and the surrounding places of Amalfi Coast are the dream of every traveler. Enriched and enchanted by their traditions and peculiarities, they are worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. Small towns, immersed in a charming landscape, all share crystal blue sea, wild nature, stunning church domes, and houses built on rocks and cliffs. The coastline carries its name of the Amalfi town because it is positioned in the middle and it had the historical role of the city throughout centuries. In IX century, the town of Amalfi, together with the rest of the coast republics, influenced the future of the Mediterranean.

Getting to know this pearl of the Amalfi Coast, Positano, felt amazing, in a way any curious adventurer explores a new found gem.

The ride continued to towns of Amalfi and Ravello, and ended with the return to Villa Capriana for another sunset with dinner and wine while sharing the incredible impressions of this beautiful day. 

You can immerse into the whole trip via my lifestyle & travel youtube channel TheTinkaShow.

Villa Capriana © Luxury Villas Zilic

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the tinka show, tinka, tinka milinovic, positano, italy, amalfi coast, amalfi
the tinka show, tinka, tinka milinovic, amalfi coast, amalfi, italy, positano
the tinka show, tinka, tinka milinovic, positano, italy, amalfi coast, amalfi
the tinka show, tinka, positano, italy, tinka milinovic, amalfi coast, amalfi

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