OK..now for some controversary…I asked men on my Facebook Pages this question, What is the difference between European and American women?  Not that it matters coz men should be lucky that we haven’t all turned lesbian, and this is what they had to say:

  • LOL, there’s no comparison… I’ve said it many times in life & here on FB… American women are basically, bonkers… I don’t care how much hate I get for this… it’s true. Lol. I’m no kid… been around the block not to mention the world more than a few times. Since high school I’ve never had an American GF… My ex of 6 years was Brazilian & my love before her was from Denmark… American women (tho not their fault really) are the spoiled, out-of reality children our “culture” has produced…
  • all Women are equal, equally complicated 😀
  • where to start….let’s see…looks…the way they dress…..the way they think…what is important for them….I could go on and on…..good old Europe and European women, the way the god meant them to be…….
  • European women are incredibly weigh conscious…it is rude to be overweight for an European woman…..fashion is also very important, what you wear and how you wear it….they are better educated in terms of general knowledge…..they are also less political correct, which is the thing that gets on my nerve the most with Americans in general….they are not trying to be like men and not scare to show their sexy side and be admired by men for it and will not be perceiving themselves as a sex object because that is just ONE part of who the women are……more relaxed and passioned…. having fun and clubbing is very important and not only on Saturday night……and the list could go on and on and on and on…….
  • Fashion is one big and definite difference: European are better.
  • Okay, 1st things 1st- Europeans always know how to dress when you invite them to a casino! and they don’t wear fur to PETA events.
  • Stiletto heels. Equal good luck.
  • Europeans are realists, they have something to offer even if they are just looking for a big manhood & money, most American woman I meet have nothing to offer, can’t even cook and expect to be swept off their feet, it amazes me.
  • American women = drama queens!
  • Then again in Europe you have to differentiate the countries much more. E.g. Czech women have less professional ambitions and just wait to meet the right guy (meaning a financially sound one). I am Czech so I can say that 🙂
    – Don’t think you can generalize that much. NYC women are a different breed to the rest of America anyway. I do find that NYC women tend to be, well, desperate.
  • Night & Day. American women r night!
  • Generally speaking, I’ve noticed that European women tend to be much more grounded and mature at a younger age than American women. It’s quite noticeable as you travel overseas.

What do you think people? What’s your take on this?

Photo: Rob Gregg
Makeup: Suzie Moldavon
Hair: Adi Hadziabdulahovic

by Tinka Milinovic.

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