After watching the new Kardashian episode, it all seems pretty clear. The whole thing was a great, giant scam. They put it on. It was an act. It was a business arrangement and Kris Humphries went for it for some reason, maybe because he’s a ball player who was without a team and had no current income and needed the money, who knows. Really, who moves their new husband in a brand new marriage into an apartment with their sister, her boyfriend and a baby….when they can afford NOT TO?? Seriously, are we to believe they are so broke they can’t afford their own place? That was a hotel room they were staying in. They were all put together for the show, to make the show interesting. Therefore the show and ratings and conflict leading to story lines in a completely boring show about these boring banal people, was the priority. It was OBVIOUS Kim and Kris have no chemistry and neither of them had really any intention of making a marriage work. If you watch it, it’s so clear. They are bad actors, so it’s pretty easy to see through the schtick. Prior to watching the show, it crossed my mind that perhaps he was akin to a male golddigger. Then it dawned on me, this guy has a talent, a skill, an ability great enough to land him in the NBA. He doesn’t even seem to enjoy the spotlight at all. He certainly does not appear to be a male media ho-ho ala Spencer Pratt.

Kim on the other hand, had no love for this kid. She showed him no respect whatsoever. She put her “business” and her “brand” ahead of him, her marriage and anything else. She’s cashing in. Let’s face it, nothing is more boring than happy endings. Even Kris and Kim’s wedding kiss was unsexy. There was no chemistry between the two of them. They don’t even seem to like each other let alone love each other. And he is a man of few words. Why is Kris Humphries so quiet? Maybe because it was a lie. Kris seems to be just a normal guy at heart. He probably wants a normal woman, a wife by his side. Someone who puts him first, not her “brand.” Why then would this guy want to torture himself by stepping into the Kardashian alligator pit? I think he was in on it. When he was out of work, he was offered a substantial sum to go along with the ploy and he bit. He had to be complicit in this debacle for it to pull off the way it did. Perhaps now he regrets it or perhaps he’s just glad to be off the hook and is laughing all the way to the bank.

If Kris did have any delusions Kim would actually make a good wife and mother to his kids, he must have had his head up his backside. That woman is shallow and narcissistic and needs no man. She no more needs a man than Oprah. A man doesn’t stand a chance (unless she marries Mark Zuckerberg, coz what could a man give her that she doesn’t already have?). It would be easy for a guy to feel emasculated around her and the rest of the vile clan. Like JLo, Kim is caught up in her “work” (and I use the term loosely). So Kim pretended she grew up dreaming of her wedding, and this was her SECOND MARRIAGE by the way, but as they say, “real women dream of marriage, shallow narcissists dream of weddings”. It was a big product placement and ratings extravaganza and a big pay day for everyone involved, period. There was no love, no real plans for the future and basically the fans were duped. Kris will be fine, he is only 26 and probably has a long career in front of him. Kim and the Kardashian brand, however, may not fare so well. I think the whole incident has really ripped the curtain away from the Wizard of Kardashian and revealed these snake oil salesmen for what they really are – a big phony joke.

By Tinka Milinovic.  ©2012 Tinka Milinovic.  All Rights Reserved

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