So Kate Middleton’s wait is finally over. I wonder what she’s really thinking when she’s alone between her own 4 walls… Not that it matters, but I wonder if she is genuinely ecstatic and in love like the first time William kissed her? Is she like any other woman whose waiting finally paid off, or is she a woman who ‘scored’? Does Kate have issues to deal with that will probably never be addressed because, well, she is in line to become a Queen one day? Behaving as expected is perhaps worth the pay off. I wonder did Kate and Pippa ever jump on the bed, high-fiving each other, while their parents proudly toasted to their girl and each other at this remarkable situation they found themselves in as commoners? (You just know they must have 😉 ) Or is Kate any different than most women whose only desire is to get married, Prince or not, and willingly put their life on hold to grab a man? I wonder how much of this she’s doing for herself and her family? It is a jack-pot of sorts and no human would be indifferent if they had this chance of both love and opportunity knocking on their door…

On the other side, William is expected to have an offspring or two, so he’s lucky too to have them with a woman he appears to genuinely get along with, laugh, and love.

After eight long years Waity Katie will get the ring, the royal wedding, and all that goes with marrying Prince William the future King of England. Would I have waited that long?? That’s a great question every woman must be asking herself, coz in life there are hardly any guarantees. Her choices paid off. But here’s the bottom line: I like that they’ve been friends before starting anything. That is the key to all this, if you ask me. Lust and romantic love can come and go, but those who are capable of staying friends, have fun and be there for each other does really count for something. I believe they stand a good chance of making their marriage a happy one. Mazel tov!

By Tinka Milinovic

@2011 Tinka Milinovic. All Rights Reserved.

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