In what appears to be a twisted Cinderella Fairytale of a story, Kim Kardashian went in search of her Prince Charming. She roamed the land for years dating athletes and whoever else came her way. Finally she settled on Kris Humphries and forced the slipper to fit. She wanted it all, the fairytale wedding, the fairytale prince, the fairytale ending… Unfortunately, the slipper didn’t fit and the fairytale turned into a grim tale of greed, deception, and a failed marriage. Is she an example of the 21st Century tarnished version of the make believe life women desire? Give everything a try and see if it fits?

So what do women really want? What is really important to us? Is it love? Is it money? Is it jewelry, designer clothes, vacations? Sure, that’s all nice stuff, but what really matters is family and a marriage that will last, love, kids perhaps. Without all these we feel like something might be missing. Society, tradition and DNA make us, women especially, feel incomplete if we don’t take those steps of marriage and family. Most of us need to try it at least once,… or twice,… or seven times like Liz Taylor.

It’s time to regroup, face reality, define what marriage means today, and what is exactly that we women want and need. Things are changing and shifting. The world is different today than it was even a decade ago. People are living larger, marrying, divorcing, cheating and having multiple partners, not only men but women too. We live in an ADD society where planned obsoleteness and disposability are the norm even in marriages. Women are making their own money and don’t have to stay married if they don’t want to. Now we need to redefine relationships and marriage all together. Let’s face it, the family unit as known a century before is breaking apart. Obviously, we are becoming a society of individuals who are self sufficient and don’t need anyone, not even a husband, not even children, not even a family. Why does Kim need a man? For what? She has a family who kisses her ass and coddles her non-stop. She makes MILLIONS per year, millions per month for that matter. She is gorgeous. She has millions of fans worldwide. I’m sure she could find a sperm donor if she really wanted a kid. So what’s the point – I mean other than $18 Million in profit just from the wedding – why did she marry a guy she didn’t even like or know for that matter? AND, did he know her? Was this really a surprise to him? Really?

In fact, how well do most people really know the person they are about to marry? Don’t we need to be a little more responsible when entering into a marriage, to consider the other person’s feelings and how it affects the families of both parties? What’s the solution? Well, it’s kind of simple: PICK THE RIGHT PARTNER. Of course, anyone can make a mistake, but it all goes back to my most important relationship premise. WAIT. Time will tell. What’s the rush? In Kim’s case there were millions of dollars hanging on this contracted business deal known as the “Kardashian Wedding.” Perhaps the dollars at stake for herself and her family influenced her to go through with a wedding to a guy she really DIDN’T WANT TO MARRY.

The moral of the story is get to know the person and be realistic. Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if this person really makes you happy. Really. Not in your fantasy, but in reality. How do you feel when you are around them? Are there constant arguments and ill feelings? Do you secretly hate that person? Does the thought of them make you sick? Does the thought of them make you feel like you don’t really care? Do you catch yourself thinking about meeting someone else or of escaping somehow? Or maybe you do really love them but the timing is off? In Kim’s case, these two were just plain wrong for each other. They had ZERO chemistry and seemed like NOTHING in common. That is not the makings of a beautiful marriage. The wedding may have been beautiful, but completely pointless and a waste on many levels (again, I’m not addressing the $18mil profit here). Who knows if she did it as a publicity stunt. Only Kim and Kris Jenner know for sure and they will deny it to the grave. But for NORMAL people, however, where there are not millions at stake if you don’t marry someone, pick your partner wisely. Take your time and don’t rush into a marriage with someone to fulfill a fantasy or see how you look in a wedding gown. Do it because you truly love, cherish, and want to spend the rest of our life with the person you are walking down the aisle with. Or just be open upfront about it with your partner if it’s for the reason called a (un)lucky sperm club or a marriage out of a convenience.

By Tinka Milinovic

©2011 Tinka Milinovic. All Rights Reserved.

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