It’s an age old situation. Anyone who has ever worked in an office where there was a Christmas party has experienced or witnessed someone hooking up with someone else. Maybe you have done it yourself. Back in the day of booze soaked office parties, people let loose a little, sometimes a little too much. There is always that sexual tension in any office between certain people. You can spot it a mile away and everyone knows. Sometimes one or both of the people in question are married, sometimes only one is, sometimes one is a boss and one is an underling. Sometimes it’s two guys whom no one knew were gay. Someone inevitably gets out of hand, makes a fool of themselves, dances on the table, pees in the punchbowl and has sex with a co-worker in the supply room, then pix show up on facebook the next day. Huge embarrassment could follow and a pink slip could be the result.

So the question remains, should you hook up at the office party? I reached out to my friends from all around the world to see what they think, and here’s the modus vivendi: If you have stomach for it, make sure it’s with someone who can do something for your career. Don’t bother going for the cute assistant that works down the hall. Those guys are a dime a dozen. Go for the CEO or at least the CFO or perhaps a Senior VP. Stay away from HR people though, they are snakes and bottom of the barrel anyway. Keep it discrete, don’t be needy or act weird about it. Play it off like any old one night stand, and while you have them in the sack, get a promise of a raise, vacation time, bonus, SOMETHING. Make it worth your while it lasts. And most importantly, make sure there are NO PICTURES taken. If you are planning nookie in the office, take a second to secure the lock first. Have fun, channel your best Samantha from Sex and the City, and don’t leave any evidence behind for the nosey secretary to find later.

I say go for it on the office party hook up. Everyone’s jolly holiday spirit, somehow, strangely makes it ok. You only live once.

By Tinka Milinovic

©2011 Tinka Milinovic. All Rights Reserved.

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