We do a balance sheet to determine the viability of a business, to assess potential investments, and to determine financial strategies. Business is business, right? Well, relationships are business too. It’s the business of our personal lives and overall really the most important business of our lives, because if that’s messed up – everything is messed up. How many times have you seen a successful professional or business person completely step off a cliff because their marriage or relationship went south? Wars have been fought and kingdoms crashed to ashes over relationships. In fact, men strive to attain power and wealth to IMPRESS US ladies to… well, let’s face it – get laid. AND to get laid by BETTER (ie: younger, hotter, skinnier and sexier chicks). I don’t make this stuff up, I’m just sayin’ it like it is. So, if assets and liabilities are so important professionally, why not apply that concept of analysis to your love relationships?

Ask yourself “Is he an asset or a liability?” Hard to tell sometimes. It might be a toss up. So MAKE A BALANCE SHEET. Put down his assets and his liabilities. Then assign a 1 – 10 number value to each. Plus (+) for ASSETS, and Minus (-) for LIABILITIES.  Here is an example:


Good in bed > +8

Successful > +10

Generous > +10

Good Cook > +5

Funny > +6

Sexy > +10

TOTAL: +49


Psycho Ex who Stalks Him > -4

Workaholic > -3

Drinks a Little too Much > -8

Arrogant > -8

Small Penis > -3

Spoiled > -7

TOTAL:  (-33) That’s NEGATIVE 33


Assign an importance factor of plus 1 – 10 to each item for the ASSETS, and at the end ADD that number to the total. For the LIABILITIES assign a number of minus 1 – 10 to each item and SUBTRACT that number from the total. So the ASSET scores are (+), and the LIABILITY scores are (-). It’s best if you put the equal number of Assets as Liabilities. Take the number you’ve got when you added up the Assets (in the example, it was 49) and subtract the negative number you’ve got when you added up the Liabilities (the liability numbers are always negative; in the example, we’ve got -33). If the grand total number is a positive one (in the example: +16) then he is in the running, and the higher the number, the better of a chance that he is an ASSET to your life. If on the other hand the final number is negative or low, then he is a LIABILITY and it is likely he is a detriment to you and in your life.

The other day I’ve heard two guy friends grading women they’re dating from 1 – 10. Men in general do this. Most of their grading is based on the ladies’ look. For us, not so much. So I propose, see what happens when you start assigning some numbers to them. For our evaluation of men, there are many more factors than just looks. In fact, looks can sometimes be a liability when you are talking about men because the better looking they are, the lower their scores usually are in other areas. Try it, you may be surprised to find that the guy you are with or interested in may be worse, or better than you thought. Let me know how it worked out.

By Tinka Milinovic

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