Always remember, famous guys got that way because they are narcissistic and want control; in fact, you could call them ego-maniacs who are used to all those around them bowing at their feet and basically kissing their ass nonstop. The non-famous rich and powerful ones are frequently similar. And on top of that, resentful of any lack of appreciation. Then there are those who were born rich. The trust fund casualties (guys who inherited daddy’s money), usually think they hit a triple when in reality they were just born on third base (aka members of the “lucky-sperm club”). Their main challenge is boredom, and they look for the next excitement – their next high.

All these guys are totally into themselves. It is all about THEM, and if you date them, they expect you and your life to also be all about them. In their mind, you are there to make them look good, please them, impress their friends and the public, and basically cater to their every whim. It matters less what happens to you, how you feel or if you ‘live or die’, because you are the “non-famous one” and usually replaceable.

Here is how it works: everyone will kiss his ass, brown nose him, hate you for being with him, and possibly label you The User. So unless you are independently wealthy or unless you are famous in your own right, be ready to manage them and their agendas. Every celeb has an entourage, a circle of sycophantic, parasitic star-f**kers surrounding them and, to those brown-nosers, you are the enemy. You threaten to sabotage their game of mooching off Mr. Famous Guy. They don’t want you around, they will do anything to get you out of the picture if at all possible, and even lie about you. So even if your famous guy loves you to death and is the greatest thing since sliced bread, you are in the inferior position. You will always be persona non grata as far as the gruelers (aka hangers-on/entorage/suck-ups) are concerned. He will want you to focus all your time and efforts on HIM. He will want you to drop your career and interests for him. Remember all his so called “friends” drop everything for him. Everyone around him lives for HIM. Their identity is knowing him or being related to him in some way, shape or form. Who they are is an appendage of him. He expects you to do and be the same.

If you do, however, give in to the plethora of temptation attached to these fellows and choose to go down that road, don’t give up your own career. Keep your own source of income!! No matter how small. Never EVER allow yourself to become dependent upon him. Never take anything from him you can’t live without because I promise you, when you break up, he will want it all back. Keep your own friends, family and interests. It is so easy to get sucked into the larger than life experience of a rich and powerful man, especially if he is famous. Never become his free assistant or, God forbid, his manager. It will lead to a life of misery. As long as you remember his fame is only as good as his latest press and it could be gone tomorrow – AND that he is just a guy who is really, really stuck on himself and probably believes his own press – you will be able to keep yourself whole. Do your own thing and NEVER be one of his fans or you will soon be treated like one…. handed a pre printed autograph and shuffled away by his staff.

On the UP SIDE. You can have some great times with powerful men. They can take you places and show you things that are wonderful and amazing. Gifts don’t hurt either. I think it’s best, however, to just be a good looking friend, who is NOT his wife or girlfriend. Go along for the ride. You CAN still have everything as a friend. Have your own life and your own ambitions that don’t have to do with him. Be part of the group and be there for him as a friend. When his fling gets pregnant, you are there to offer a shoulder for him to cry on. When the market takes a turn and his career take a hit, you still admire him. When his ex wife runs off with the gardener, you are there to be his friend who accepts him for who he is. I think that’s the best way to enjoy the spoils of mega men and the lifestyle they offer, without losing yourself.

By Tinka Milinovic.

©2011 The Tinka Show. All Rights Reserved.

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