Do you love a good read? As a history buff I enjoy reading books because they take me to far away places and times long-lost. During my visit to Villa Capriana at Amalfi Coast, it was impossible not to dive into the history of dandy king King Murat who lived at the same villa and in whose bedroom I stayed in! Joachim Murat was a renowned cavalry leader, Marshal of France and King of Naples. He escorted Napoleon Bonaparte in Italian and Egyptian military campaigns and married his sister Caroline.

I was beyond excited to take this book and twirling Bellissima dress on a historic voyage in the villa’s garden. I found out that Joachim Murat was the “Dandy King” famous for his flamboyant dressing taste as well as his courage, chivalry, and charisma. “These steps I am sitting on were surely used by him as well…”, I thought to myself as I gazed at the epic sea horizon. I found out what society looked like in the post Napoleonic era. The last days of Marshal of France and King of Naples were quite eventful.

In 1815 as the Corsican Empire crumbled under the assault of the forces of Metternich and The Restoration, Marshal Murat, Napoleon’s brother in law, attempted to restore his domain as the King of Naples. He eventually capitulated in the tiny hamlet of Pizzo di Calabria, after sad and controversial events that led to Murat’s capture by the local peasants, and the execution for attempting to regain the throne. He was condemned to firing squad by the returning Bourbon King’s police.

Readers fond of history will remember him for his calmness, fortitude, and fearless meet of his death as he faced the executioners refusing the customary chair and blindfold, saying, “I have braved death too often to fear it”.

Pretty sad. The End.

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