American women have, in general never experienced an uncircumcised penis. Almost never. So when they first see one, it’s a shock they have to get over. It takes a little time to get past how, umm, unattractive it is in its flacid state. Erect it looks almost exactly the same. Most women I know prefer circumcised one due to the simple fact called hygiene and the fact that having the excess skin flapping around during an intercourse just doesn’t cut it on their scale of high pleasure. These women say they know how much better a circumcision feels in bed, and why, but their male counterparts will most likely never know. On the other hand, there are women who prefer uncut guy, therefore placing most European men to be so much better in bed. They state there’s no bad friction and feel bad for other women because they believe it’s an experience no woman should go her whole life missing. Something their counterparts will also most likely never know.

If you want to date European guys but are afraid of the uncut situation, make sure he is Jewish and you will be fine. They are always circumcised no matter what country they are from. On the other hand, if you want to check it out go for the non-jewish Euro gents and chances are you will run across one in no time.

Where do you fall?

By Tinka Milinovic.

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