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Fearless…Fun…Provocative…Multi-talented…Irreverent…Wonderfully Outspoken.  These are just a few of the words used to describe International Super Celeb Tinka Milinovic.  She has graced the cover of  magazines all over Europe and was the face of Escada perfume.  Her status as a jet setting “It girl” led to a rumored affair with French President Nicolas Sarkozy sparking a European tabloid frenzy.  Tinka is an entertainment powerhouse with successful careers as a popular Television Personality/Host, Pop Star, Opera Singer, Jazz Singer, Record producer, Actress and Model.  Tinka’s forthcoming tell-all book gives an insider’s glimpse into the true international celebrity lifestyle and is sure to be a best seller.  Her current platform, TheTinkaShow.com, provides a commentary of Tinka’s unique view on love, life and relationships.  She is developing a reality show  based on her extraordinary life story… all the battles and betrayals, thrills and chills, hardships and triumphs… and how she handles it all with her signature joie de vivre.   Tinka has set her sights on Hollywood and if the past is any indication, she will soon be a force to be reckoned with!

Tinka’s amazing journey begins in pre-war Yugoslavia, where as a teenager living in Sarajevo, she wanted to travel.  At age 16, she was chosen for the American foreign exchange student program and found herself attending high school in rural Louisiana.  Soon after landing in the States, war broke out in her homeland and when it reached Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, she was cut off from her family, for years not knowing if they were dead or alive.  In the blink of an eye she lost everything and at age 17 was alone, without the family love and security she was used to, broke and stranded in the rural countryside of the deep south.  The city girl with everything found herself in the boonies with swamps, gators, and road kill.  With only a student visa in hand she was ineligible to a work or obtain student loans.  For years she had no money and counted on the kindness of new friends to survive.  But it wasn’t all doom and gloom for tenacious young Tinka.

In true Tinka fashion she threw herself into the situation with creative determination to overcome any obstacle she encountered and a series of remarkable things happened.  Armed with boundless ingenuity, she found a way to graduate from Louisiana College Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music degree despite having no money to pay for college and the hardship of having to survive on as little as two dollars a day.  Tinka’s talent earned her a full assistantship to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and she received a Masters Degree in Opera/Vocal Performance.  Tinka performed roles in different operas both in the States and Sarajevo, as well as musicals, recitals and solo concerts.  Her biggest challenge came when at age 18, she began acting as her own lawyer to navigate the difficult U.S. immigration system, and her resourcefulness was rewarded when she became a U.S. Citizen.  She is the poster child for overcoming adversities and it was Tinka’s determination, inner strength and intense persistence that led to the next phase of her adventure … international stardom.

Tinka’s meteoritic rise to international stardom was chronicled in the constant stream of magazine covers and TV appearances in Europe.  Her uniquely creative approach to performing turned Tinka into overnight sensation hosting her own TV and radio shows. After competing in several prestigious Eurovision Song contests, Tinka added pop star to her resume, further cementing her place in pop culture.  It was then that her talent, charm and stunning looks captured the country and spread to Europe where she took the region by storm.  Europe fell in love with Tinka.

Tinka enjoyed several hit singles in Europe from her solo album, T.I.N.K.A., and as a member of the popular group Six4One.  Her foray into Jazz music took her on tour throughout Europe.  Tinka’s adventurous spirit and curious soul lead her all the way to the Middle East where she enjoyed hosting television shows, experiencing a different culture, and creating friends among other cosmopolitan trendsetters.  It wasn’t long before the multi-talented entertainer became a fixture on the international jetsetter circuit.

All these experiences have given Tinka a unique perspective on life.  Her exceptional story and her ability to handle anything life throws at her is both awesome and inspiring.  “My life is a tapestry of interesting episodes and decisions, some good, some not so good.  But it’s all been worth it,” says Tinka.  “I’ve seen things, I’ve experienced things, I made it to the top by throwing myself into the unknown and not being afraid to experience what life has to offer.  Now I have a lot to share and inspire others.”

Tinka’s story is a real page turner.  It reads like a bestselling novel with twists and turns, ups and downs, where despite adversity —  the heroine always comes out on top.  She has returned to the States to further her American dream, tell her story and find the right forum to share her truth and empower women on their journey to discover themselves and follow their heart’s desire.  Tinka is unconventional and sometimes controversial but one thing is for sure.  She lives her life and is not afraid to share her magic with the people of the world.  Get ready Hollywood.  Tinka is here!

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