I have this great dear 80+ yr-old friend in NYC. Typical Wall Street, very successful, high lifestyle guy with a kick ass high-rise place on 5th Avenue, overlooking the Plaza Hotel, Central Park and the Apple store. It took me a short time to figure him out, but it took him years to acknowledge me as someone who seeks knowledge and is really a great friend even though a girl (bare in mind, most people are used to male & female “friendships” where the women is in the man’s bed, horizontal. I kick ass and take lots of pride in making great friends of all ages by offering them my real friendship, and only those who can appreciate that I’m not going horizontal…will start loving me for me…but this is a whole other topic that will be covered of course :))). Anyway, back to my 80-year-old grumpy friend. I piss him off regularly at least once every single time we meet for dinner at Cipriani Midtown. Once he stopped talking to me for a whole year because I somehow challenged his ego. He refused to tell me how, so I could grow.  Yet every time I call him I know he will greet me with his favorite words ” I can’t believe it’s my Ugly Face calling!”  I’m just as impatient and hard headed as my friend, but somehow he learned to accept that I am who I said I was, and that going horizontal doesn’t matter b/c we can have just as much mental fun vertically. We watch people, we comment, we bitch, we laugh, I cry, he gets pissed off… we look like those two characters from the Muppet Show. He learns from me, and I sure the hell learn from him! I miss him a lot and call him often just to hear him say he’s utterly missed his “Ugly Face.” I see by his reactions he has never had a friend like me. I am thankful that he actually stuck around long enough to be able to love me for me without sex, b/c many men don’t want nor have the desire to stick around and get to really know someone unless it’s through bodily pleasures. Like a wild horse, he was forced to be trained if we were going to be close as humans. This “grumpy old man” is grumpy because his life is nearing its end and he still wants to live. That’s why I can never get mad at him when he bitches, b/c – I understand. Will call him soon and I’ll write down our conversation as a dessert for your receptive outlets. Until then I’ll leave you with his best lesson up-to-date: “Never give your milk for free.”

By Tinka Milinovic.

©2011 Tinka Milinovic. All Rights Reserved.


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